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Fitting workouts in as a mom can be tough, whether you are newly postpartum or have older kids. Today I’m going to share some insights to get it done!

At Gigi’s to get my steps in.

Why should even be fitting workouts in on your mile long to-do list?

Well, for starters, getting in some form a physical movement whether it be a walk or a heavy weightlifting session will give you a boost of endorphins. Endorphins are a hormone released that makes you feel happy and relaxed. It’s why runners say they get a “runner’s high” after a few laps around the track.

Basically, working out (or being active in general) will help you feel better about life-even your mile-long to-do list!

Working out: Huge commitment or a mindset shift?

Fitting workouts in doesn’t have to be an hour-long and you don’t even need to go to the gym to start achieving results. You can get a great workout in 30 minutes or less in the comfort of your home.

If starting a workout plan seems like too much, even if it was 30 minutes or less at home, you could start with an even simpler action step. Taking the kids out for a walk will get you moving in the right direction-quite literally! Also, deciding to work out for 5 minutes. These small steps will start to shift your mindset.

The power of taking small action steps to start fitting workouts in your day

You could ponder the idea of getting in better shape but the act of doing anything no matter how small will eventually propel you into the bigger action step you want to take.

For instance, the example of going for a walk every day with your kids will start getting you some results. In turn, those results will excite you to do more! Eventually leading you to full blow workouts if that is what you desire.

Without those little wins, in the beginning, you’re more likely to fall off the routine of taking action. This is often what happens when a big goal is not broken down into smaller, realistic goals.

Setting SMART goals.

S.M.A.R.T. goals is the acronym for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound.

You can’t decide one day that you’re going to start working out every day for an hour if you currently don’t exercise at all. That just sets you up for failure!

Instead, you can decide to increase your steps from 4,000 to 5,000 every day this week.

It’s more specific than I’m going to get in shape.

The goal is measurable by having the number planned out.

Increasing steps by 1,000 is an achievable goal because you’re not increasing it to a crazy number.

Counting steps is a relevant goal because increasing your steps will help you reach your larger goal of weight loss or general health.

And lastly, this goal is time-bound by giving yourself 7 days to complete your goal.

After this goal is met you could increase your steps more or set another small goal that will help you in your overall goal of becoming someone who works out regularly!

Other ways to fit in workouts

A lot of moms say they don’t have time for themselves. They are busy taking care of everyone else’s needs to be fitting workouts in, too. While I believe this wholeheartedly, I also know from personal experience and talking with friends, that it’s easy to waste time as a mom. Check Instagram here, text so and so real quick, and oh I forgot to order diapers! I gotta do that and then the mindless scrolling is right around the corner. Been there done that. Hold yourself accountable and say no to distractions that bring no real value to your life.

Here are the times you can start fitting workouts in as a mom:

  • Before the kids wake up
  • After breakfast
  • During nap or quite time
  • After the kids go to bed
  • With the kids
  • Get a babysitter/mothers helper
  • Have family watch the kids
  • Pretty much anytime!

Really, I don’t think your children should keep you from doing something important for yourself, and what a great example for them to see their mom achieving her goals!

Don’t let children be your excuse to not exercise. Let them be the reason you exercise instead!

I don’t know what your day looks like personally but I know there is a window of time you CAN fit a workout in. Whether it be 10 minutes or an hour!

I hope from this post you realize small steps are better than no steps.

Get after your goals today! Let them empower you to keep going.

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