River Ford Fitness

Our Services

At River Ford Fitness, we are committed to seeing you succeed. We are movement experts able to take any goal you have and make it your reality.

If you have tried everything under the sun to reach your fitness goals but to no avail- be rest assured that a qualified coach like me can quickly and sustainably get you reaching your goals. 

You’ll get a full one on one hour session with an engaging trainer who makes you comfortable throughout the whole process. 

If you don’t have access to our gym, we won’t leave you hanging. We offer online personalized one on one training! 

When you sign up for online personalized training you’ll get access to an app with an extensive exercise library. You’ll fill out a questionnaire before receiving a call from your trainer. I’ll go over the questionnaire with you and what equipment you have available.

From there, I will create a custom training plan just for you. Ready? Click below to get started!

Our Mission

To help make achieving your goals attainable with evidence based training, the utmost professionalism, and a clear plan of action.

Our Experiences